Kindred Spirits… goodbye my friends

30 Jul 2013
Kindred Spirits… goodbye my friends

We Love Oregon! We're truly going to miss this beautifull place and the true friends and kindred Pagan spirits that we have found here… The people that organise and run Faerieworlds are so familiar to us , we are like family!… you can see on this picture left to right: Daphyd, Emilio, Sascha, Jenny, Rob , Robert, Lysee, Steve (disguised as a redneck for some obscure reasons)  River and Kelly… 

We had a wonderfull time here in this beautifull country… words fail me .. the land is so raw and big and oh so alive!… we will definately return here one day… now we go to sleep after a most enlightening experience and we'll possibly dream of the wise new monkeys roaming wild and in balance over a happy green planet after all the mad machine monkeys have gone away forgood… sometimes I dream of a world where this is real… they are happy dreams!  Live free! Dream BIG! stay Green!  Goodnight Oregon, good night my friends, tomorrow morning we fly away home!


SteveSic et OMNIA       

(Pizza by Robert, Picture by PaganPaparazzzi)