To Know, is that you know Nothing...that is the meaning of true knowledge!

17 Jul 2022

You are never too old too learn new things are you?
So many people believe they really "KNOW" what reality is, what disease is, what economic reality is, what history is, what "science" is..what "world leaders, globalists and philanthropists" REALLY are etc. etc..

I used to think I knew a lot (before the Corona theatre and the world media  take-over started to gear up into higher a higher population and culture kill-modus).

Now I know that even the carefully selected and filtered information that I had gathered over the 54 years of my little existence was mostly wrong aswell! ...  wow!

Life can be so full of "little surprises"  eh?

My advice to YOU

keep and open mind about EVERYTHING that is called a "conspiracy theory" or a "crack-pot tin foil hat" theory  ... because honestly

there is so much more objective truth to be found buried amongst the 'fringe' of available information
More at least than in EVERYTHING that is publsihed by mainstream media, government and the new fucked up religion called "the science"

Be like a child each day and experience life objectively as you experience and FEEL it.
And you will step out of the darkness and back ino the light!

Greenthingz , Truth and Hugz from the edge of fake-civilisation

Shaman Steve Sic


ps: excuse my spelling and grammar...I'm a lazy boy;-)

pps: when I say "be like a child" I mean an unindoctrinated child, without fear-porn, guilt pushing , masturbation lessons and sick advice to have it's genitals destroyed for the good of the trans psycho cultists ;-)