Let’s talk about the weather part 13

25 Jul 2019

(WARNING: loooong chronically serious Shaman Sic bloggy with added humorous ranting)

So… Birthday done… thank YOU so much for all the well wishes!, you guys are great! :-) it made me smile and filled me with good vibes.
I had a great day and now I’m officially older and wiser…hahaahaaa!

But, to the point we go!
Let’s get a little more serious, I wrote yesterday about the ridiculously hot birthday temperatures I had (hotter than any birthday ever before),
well kids, guess what happened today?
This afternoon the temperatures soared up even more! say waaaaaaaaa?

Yep, it’s gone into unknown hights now, passing 40 degrees centigrade in many parts of north western Europe (40.5 Celcius at our forest house! Hot Hot HOT!!!)
Holland is now more like Africa on a bad day…but…this should be a temperate climate, with all the bugs, birds animals and trees that live there (they are NOT happy by the way, and a lot of them are getting killed now).

These extreme temperatures have never before been recorded previously in the history of meteorology in Holland, although it seems almost festive the way they keep saying enthusiastically that “yet another record has been broken!” as if we have won something…(grumble…fecking idiots…cough) … Anyway!
The changes are happening really fast now and it explains beautifully a concept that I have been trying to get across for some time now…ahem.

Exponential growth; what does that actually mean?

2 x 2 = 4 x 2 = 8 x 2 = 16 x 2 = 32 etc.
This is exponential growth, it’s what bacteria , virusses, cancer and errr… humans do

And now the combined effects of man-made climatic change strengthen and magnify each other, leading to an exponential growth in the actual changes, which in turn produce cascade effects in let’s say, the weather!
This means that the extreme weather will only get worse and more erratic and especially BIGGER EFFECTS in a faster and faster growing pace.

This in turn means: Get used to this weird stuff baby! ‘cause it ain’t going away any time soon … and it isn’t going to suddenly get better either… only worse… a little more worse… EVERY day.
And no amount of petitioning to politicians or “nicely asking” evil motherfucking multinational corporations to “please please please stop fucking the world over for even more dirty blood money they don’t even need” will make a lick of difference.

Speaking as a life-long dedicated Earth Warrior who believes that every living creature on Earth no matter what it’s size or genus is alive and has a mind and a “soul” of it’s own and a right to live and coexist, this could actually be a good thing.
I could be the solution we are waiting for…

I hear people say often “it’s our own fault… we did this to ourselves…mea Culpa”

But I don’t agree… I have tried my whole life to make a difference, to open eyes and hearts to the plight of our planet…

This Evil state of affairs is being done TO us by our ever present slave-masters. I’m talking about the people who think they are better than us and are born to rule this planet (many of them, like the royal dynasties of Europe, have been in positions of absolute power for many many centuries, unchallenged by the “common-scum” like us).

It’s not easy (actually impossible) to fight narcissistic absolute power when the rules of play have been made by the bad guys themselves!

To fight the everlasting Greed of these nasty individuals (multi billionaires), powermad egocentric families (so-called noble and royal house) and other mafia-like organisations (like the Vatican and other religious political institutions etc.) we will need a lot more muscle to stop them than what we can manage on our own right now!
“Noble savage” tree-huggers chaining themselves to doomed forests and brave NGO representatives who battle to save scraps of land or brave volunteers riding the oceans to protect life, just don’t stand a chance of stopping the downward spiral (all that usually happens is that they personally get ridiculed, ignored, jailed or killed).

No … this brutal mass-rape, this great murderous injustice being done to our planet and her children (as well as ourselves) will need the PERSONAL help of the Spirits of the living Earth and her amazing biosphere.

She is providing us with the only weapons she has to assist in this fight…
Her immune system… the delicate balance of ALL life itself, which has kicked in enthusiastically now to scratch this annoying itching cancerous growth that has infested her, spoiling the vibrant beauty of this wonderfull planet with greed, lies, poison and mass extinction.

The great dying is upon us and we must accept this, we must see the NEED of our Mother to do this now, (don’t get upset with her) she really has no other options, THEY have given her no other choice.

OK..sad bit…sorry:
Many will die, as they have been dying in ever increasings numbers in man-made orgies of slaugthter and death these past centuries… From passenger pigeon to buffalo, to great Auk, to whale, to sooooo much that making a list would turn this blog into a whole frigging book…but the big difference is that now, not only will the animals, the plants, the countless water dwellers, the birds and the bugs suffer and expire… nope… now it’s also the humans’ turn.

It sux… we are soooooooooooo fucked…. but that’s how it is. No use crying about it, deal with it.

I can point the finger of blame to all the cruel selfish rich bastards without a conscience and an insane thirst for personal power and possessions who have controlled our destinies and shaped the poisoned wastelands that we now call home…

I can point the finger at all the spineless conformist cowards that have always cared only for their own comfort and looked away, when they could have done something usefull to help the weak against the stupid…to curb their own inner greed and be satisfied with a little less from time to time…

I could point a finger at all the weasely lawyers and governmental/corporate executives that have managed to change any brave struggle to save any part of nature into yet another venture to simply make more money for the too-rich, while keeping the masses docile and obedient with illusional “solutions” like carbon-neutral flying and saving the odd panda or polar bear by putting it into a zoo.

But pointing fingers is totally pointless (hehe! bit of a pun there) unless you can actually get a real fecking fireball to pop out of the end of it to barbeque some badguys’ testicles (yes, sadly most of the bad guys have always been testicle wearing males).

We and especially the younger generations who are now finding their feet on this world and discovering that they are actually standing in toxic shit, we have a need.

We need to have a planet which we can love and respect as our one and only home, which should be kept as stable and as livable as possible for all “other people” in the web of life. A place where we can co-exist with all the amazing and wonderfull creatures that the universe has been kind enough to put on this cute little blue-green sphere. I think we shall have it, but it will need some work.

Things will get worse before they get better.

BUT (positive part)
With great chaos and huge life-upsetting disruptions comes an opportunity to break these old perverse systems that bind us all like shackles. THEY need docile slaves who are afraid of the Law and who “do as they are told”…
WE need the ones that see through the illusion and refuse to be slaves …


When the going get’s tough, the tough figure out a fucking way to deal with it.

Don’t rely on your government for help

Don’t rely on pop-idols and mass media nonsense for help

Don’t rely on the docile “look the other way” masses for help

Help will only come from:
Your Mother/Father the Earth who gave you life (once you understand her/it)
and ofcourse…YOU yourself!
(and just maybe a couple of close personal friends)

As the scouts motto says: “Be Prepared!”
(and hold onto to your ass, ’cause we are in for one hell of an interesting ride!!)

Greenthingz turning brown and Earth Warrior Energy!

Shaman Steve Sic