Let's talk about Sensual Art :-)

8 Feb 2018

This is one of Jenny and my favourite paintings called "Hylas and the Nymphs"
by one our absolute favourite Artists (John William Waterhouse 1849 – 1917) which was BANNED and removed from the public view by the Manchester museum for being too "erotic and shocking" (!?)

Thankfully, after MANY MANY complaints, they have re-hung it now! (the museum spokesperson said it was "just an experiment to bring about a discussion"…yeah right).

But this does adress an interesting problem…
What about Eroticism and Art? especially when connected to Pagan- Nature theme's? what is the problem with nudity and symbolism in Art? (especially on public places like social media)

Are we still living under the heel of monotheistic religions?
Should we all wear Burkas and surpress our own sensual nature?
Does censorship of Art really mean ANYTHING in this, the 3rd millenium when there are much more pressing matters that should be adressed… like the enviroment and the extinction of species!

Anyway, to help along the liberation of free expression and to show YOU this wonderfull example of High Art (which has brought many moments of joy to Stenny) I thought it would be nice to post this beautifull and extremely skillfull work of Art here on the world wide web… yes I realise it has nipples on it… but so do we ALL! ;-)

Greenthingz and Classical beauty!

pic by ol' JW! ;-)