Let's Talk about the Weather!

30 Jan 2018

What's YOUR weather like?, I would really like to know :-)

The weather/climate change is speeding up exponentially... with weird temperature fluctuations following each other at an increasingly faster rate.
I've been telling this tale for the last 27 years or so ... and no one used to believe me! You know, I even used to get laughed at and argued with because of it ;-) hahaha! (Who's laughing now? ...ahem)

But because I have always been able to listen to Nature better than mutated Monkeys I never let the blinkered "head in the sand" attitude of all the "blind normals" discourage me!

So here we are now... it's 2018!
Earth/Gaya is stomping the HumanMonkey Asses a bit more each year. Heavy violent (unexpected and unseasonal) Hurricane winds (Storm winds blow on the Golden Barley!!) 
Which are destroying a lot more than just thousands of beautifull trees...
Torrential rains and flooding here,  Extreme drought and watershortage there...
Arctic Cold  aswell as Desert heat in various temperate regions?!
Disease and decay getting into the fabric of life.

You still might not want to hear it, but I'm really sorry to say it's going to get worse each year... you had best be prepared.

That is because our Mother, the living Earth, is Sick , she is infected with a terrible and deadly disease called:
 "Homo Sapiens Sapiens"

 (which means :"wise WISE MAN"... which idiot made that up?)
Her immune system  has now kicked in ,which is giving her a hot and cold fever ... 
her heartbeat (the seasons) has become erratic , 
her bloodflow (the trans-oceanic currents) is faltering.
Her skin (the living biosphere) is breaking up.

But NO WORRIES my friends!
This is all actually very good! :-)
How else can the poor darling get rid of all these annoying destructive apes?

But what about us? You say...
What about the ones among us , that are on HER side?... 
(let's call them the Nature Monkeys...that would be...err?.. "Pan Naturalis"?)

Where do we go to build our new eden? Where do we run to avoid the metaphorical flood? Where can we find land to build our "island of peace"?

Is there ANYWHERE left in the world where Nature is stable?
Is there ANYWHERE in the world where the manmade destruction is not complete yet?
What do YOU think?

So... let's talk about the weather (and the chances of long term survival) 
What is it like where YOU are?

Greenthingz and sorry for the Shit you don't want to hear about!
(It's a dirty job but someone's gotta KEEP on doing it!)

With respect and compassion
Shaman SteveSic