"Let's talk about the weather blog" and tasty social rant- all in one

15 Mar 2019

...take your time to read it.. this is not a quicky.

now with cheesy subtitle!:  
 "the Times are a' changin'  :-) "

Now that's something that you must have heard a lot before, right?
... the Times are changing...
From the earliest antique writings bemoaning the noise and unrest of "modern life" in the days of togas and giant fecking bath houses ... all the way to last century's tacky hippy popsongs and today's ubiquitous social commentators.

 That's because (human) times and living conditions ARE constantly changing...
Every fucking day, We just cannot leave things as they are and feel the need for constantly "improving" stuff through unstoppable change.

think about this:
Every grumpy old grandmother or Grandfather on this planet will practically stand in line for hours to be able to utter to their offspring or any other random youngsters the following timeless sentence :

" Everything used to be much better when I was young"

The reaction to this is usually that the old folks are ignored or laughed at by the smart modern new kids who believe that THIS is THEIR world where THEY themselves live now, and it's packed with cool NEW stuff and it's ofcourse MUCH better than that oldfashioned "museum piece of a world" where Nanna and Grandpa'  used to hang out... and following this outburst of naive youthfull egocentricity the smart young "new human owner of this planet" will tell the old ancestoral human:

"Don't look so Glum Gramps! Change is a good thing, it's  natural and EVERYTHING is going to be MUCH better now!"

Strangely enough most old people are not reassured by this rather blind statement by the young because, OK ...  it's True that change of growth patterns and change of habit are universal, natural events, but it is also true that this is usually a very slow and gradual process, unless some drastic external influences force a faster diversion from its natural path.
We are such a "drastic external disaster" because we are of course FERAL creatures who cannot hope to comprehend our natural surroundings and who have the greatest difficulty in even understanding the easiest most obvious hints about how "all this nature stuff" works... that's why we can only destroy our surroundings to make more of ourselves untill we are stopped by force.
(like the plague of rabbits humans unleashed on Australia because it seemed like a nice and fun idea)
Our species is like a blinded wild bull put into a glass shop, we destroy without even meaning to because we are completely ignorant of our surroundings.

Here's another Universal thruth: any mammal species that grows and acts as if it's a bacteria (ie: it grows exponentially and keeps growing untill it consumes it's entire living enviroment) will eventually destroy its own habitat and effectively commit genocide by dying off untill it reaches sustainable numbers again.

Mutant monkeys breed more monkey people who breed even more monkey people who breed even yet more stupid monkey people etc... so it's getting busier all the time, more monkey people is more stress.

So Grandpa and Grandma are right! The world was a better place when they were young! because there were much less people!
Every Homo-sapiens grandparent from the very earliest beginnings of our sudden paleolithic-age appearance will remember that his or her youth was a quieter and more social time because there were more wild creatures, more living nature and  less monkey people making life difficult than before... our species grows like a planetary cancer.
Also our rate of what humans call "technological advance" (what the rest of creation calls: "death, destruction, disease and deadly pollution") is still growing very fast.

Even though they know it's wrong, Humanity and her governments are still basically saying:
"Fuck the Climate, Fuck the Universe, Fuck life itself!! My ego, my bank account and my wishes are more important, because my own made-up imaginary God says I am soooooo special!"
That's why there will be no solutions for climate change (hah! a lot of those power hungry dicks out there still don't even BELIEVE climate change is happening...or they simply deny it for short term financial reasons).

Are there too many cars on the roads? Polluting our earth with poison, constant noise and millions of miles of hideous asphalt motorways?
Well, as it happens the amount of production of cars is still GROWING.  So each "tomorrow" has more cars and roads than every "today".

We need to get rid of Plastics which are poisoning everything they touch... well? can you guess?... the amount of Plastic being produced and shipped and thrown away  around the world is still GROWING.

We need to reduce the horrendous Mass murdering Meat industry cause of so much harm as well as  CO2 and other harmfull greenhouse gasses? Yep, same story... The meat industry is growing and the levels of CO2 are still RISING at a substantially greater rate each day.

Melted areas of polar Ice Caps? yeah yeah... same same..
If it wasn't for the fact that this is OUR FUCKING LIFE we are talking about here, it would almost seem boring... are YOU bored yet reading this my friend?
Do I scare YOU? Do I annoy YOU?, do I make YOU want to stop reading this shit because it will only DEPRESS YOU even more?

Well so sorry for that (but as I had to tell a good friend the other day:)
 "THE TRUTH HURTS", that's why most people try deperately to avoid it at all costs!
But I hope differently from YOU, because You've already heard a lot of this stuff from me during the last 22 years of OMNIA... my aim is not to Harm or Depress YOU, no, I tell YOU these thoughts of mine because I respect YOU.

Only the dumb, the oppressed and the blindly-religious need to be kept away from TRUTH...

BUT WE DON"T, do we? ;-)

Hahaha! What a mess eh!?
But as I've said before don't despair,  YOU know all this already don't you?

These examples and a gazillion more like them just mean that our Global problems are not just very very bad, but that they are actually becoming much worse each day at an ever increasing rate. We are now really surfing on the sharp end of the hockeystick graph chart (although most politicians seem to have this same hockey stick firmly wedged up their power hungry asses).
NO one is going to be able to change anything or help this situation untill we are free to do so (ie: when we are all no longer threatened and controlled by the big business mafia families that wish to destroy this world like the major world churches, royal houses and other multinational slave owners)

Ah here we go again!, Steve Sic rants and spits of bloody bayonets, bombs and revolution NOW... our world is right royally fucked unless YOU do something about it... preferably yesterday...

Which brings us quite randomly and by a veeeeeeery roundabout way to the real subject of this blog, How about that weather?

At the moment we are being harrassed by some pretty fucking zippy storms. our forest heaves and shakes like the briny sea, last weekend the mighty wind pushed a BIG Tree over... just behind our house... I was outside experiencing the mad extatic feeling of being buffeted by the brutal winds when it happened.. it was a pretty fucking big tree... quite possibly i pooped my pants a little when I heard it Crack! and fall groaning to the ground! ...  luckily it fell away from us, otherwise it could have mashed our little Stennyhome... phew!... these trees have stood for quite a while but not anymore... then the wind carried on... and on... and on...
We spend most of our days inside the house now, reading mountains of books, making sweet stenny love, smoking copious joints, playing and listening to loads of musick, sometimes even watching the ever addictive boobtube "Netflix". We wait for the storm winds to calm down... but they haven't so far...
I've never experienced such a two week long, non-stop, blow-out storm in my entire life... Like last record-breaking winter, like last record-breaking summer, like the coming record-breaking weather funtimes we can expect for the rest of our (aka: YOUR) life.

It's not that "the weather these days is amazingly breaking records!"
It's more that "the fucking stupid monkeys have broken part of the fucking planet"

 So Yeah... The weather patterns are changing so fast that even many of the "straight, stupid and normal" people are FINALLY admitting that the weather is acting weird and that maybe the Climate is actually changing now... duh... too late!

But, you know, as a Shaman and Eco-Anarchist I find it endlessly fascinating and very interesting indeed to see what is happening all around the world, it gives me hope for the future...

Because when nothing is fixed, all is in flux...

Who knows which exciting opportunities tomorrow will bring us now that there are no constants like the seasons to rely on anymore?

Who knows where the cracks will start to appear in the impressive power-armour of our oppressors and slavemasters where we can find opportunities for us and for our friends in Nature?
THEY can only hold onto power while WE slavishly obey them.
Will we still obey when the whole shitpile falls apart?
Will YOU?

So...ahem... please tell me, my dear Omnia friend, what's the weather like where YOU are living today?
(please mention WHERE on this planet you are writing from)

Greenthingz and a warm internettal hug to YOU
Shaman SteveSic and Jenny