Let's talk about the weather pt.2!

6 Feb 2018

Thank you so much for sharing your (extremely unseasonal) weather situation and concerns on the "Let's talk about the weather" blog I posted on january 30th. It was... shocking.
(If you haven't read it please scroll back to that post and read it now ESPECIALLY all the comments by all of YOU)

I think it's comforting for Jenny and me (and You) to know that we are all in this TOGETHER... by comparing each other's situation we see that all over the world nature monkeys are awakening and opening their eyes to the Truth. (While the mutant monkeys run around in confusion)

Don't be afraid of it...
Don't stick your head in the sand...
Together we can prepare and adapt to the change that is now upon us!

Greenz and Nature Spirit!

Ps: the summer storms which uprooted a LOT of big old trees became warm spring ... and now it's freezing winter again.
(All in the space of 2 weeks!)
So... please tell me , what is it like where YOU are now?