Live Life every day like it could be your last ;-)

16 Jun 2022

Life will reward you with enjoyment every hour...

It's amazing how a completely new type of existence can stay so rewarding each day.
Our enviroment here at TERRA OMNIA is becoming more and more beautifull as it get's "Stennyfied" more each day , and we ofcourse are getting even more "Natured"!

Since we left the insane world of "new normality" and freed ourselves from the entire ratrace we have truly become more enlightened balanced creatures, It's true that you find GOD in the wilderness... immersed in our green enviroment of Nature and being taught the true facts of life by mother nature herself...

it's a long process , the deepest longest trip ever...but VERY satisfying indeed

we can seriously recommend what we did to anyone with the guts and who is still capable of independant thought and action.

Each day here is a joy and we still feel so gratefull to the spirits that guide us and we're honoured that we are allowed to live in peace amongst our flowers, trees and animals, just sharing the joy of existence and the love of mutual cooperation for a good "TODAY"... every day!

So , ok the physical work is harder (MUCH harder) than we were used to ...
but then again... musicians are all such whining fucking pussies when it comes to REAL work!
(ask any stage-crew member) ha ha!

And working the body to the point of exhaustion most days is backbreaking,
 but it's really really satifying!... if it is for your own self sufficient smallholding.

All the work we do is directly benificient to either us, or the creatures on TERRA OMNIA

 ...cutting and dragging logs, chopping firewood, building construction work, ploughing, weeding, planting can all really take it out of you!

I mean, Jenny and me have always been into gardening and building things on a small scale..
in a more "I like a few flowers and a pot of basil" kindof hobby way...,

but now , living and surviving here, we have been taught the more "serious" way of farming
which is more like:
"this is what you live off now monkeyboy, so better get planting,growing  and preserving food and stacking woodpiles etc. even if you're tired or your back hurts or you will starve and freeze in the winter! "

But it builds muscle and makes us stronger, which keeps us fit and healthy without the chemical poisons of the medi-vampires :-)

We are standing on our own two feet, on our own piece of land , in our own reality

THAT is what "sticking it to the man" really means...

Taking care of your own shit (literally) ,you just have a simple deal between YOU and the NATURAL WORLD , and you keep each other happy

far away from the controlled monkey society of lies and slavery

free from the new world agenda and their evil muppets spreading poison and death

We have found fullfillment in our simple every day life of gardening , meditation and taking care of our Cat and our Chickens , we make almost everything we need now ourselves, right here.

and when we sing... we sing for Love

Life is good for us, we hope it is good for YOU too

Hugs and greenthingz!
Stenny the Pagan Farmers

ps: now I only gotta find me a nice big  missile launcher and a stack of ammo to knock out all those damn chemtrail spraying motherfuckers fucking up the weather and puking poison onto our world and everything will be groovy!