Living with Wolves

29 Apr 2018

Today we’d like to introduce you to a great non-profit organisation called “Living with wolves”

A while ago we came across the wolf-researcher couple Jim and Jamie Dutcher, who’ve not only published a bunch of wonderfull books but also created award winning documentaries for educational institutions such as “National Geographic” about Wolves, capturing their experiences living among the “Sawtooth pack” which they observed for 6 (!) years in Idaho/USA in the early 90s.
The Dutchers, who founded the organisation, are still dedicated to educating people about the TRUE nature of wolves and preserving their species, aiming for peacefull co-existence between us and the Others…

So if you’re looking for comprehensive and usefull information about wolves, their behaviour and how to protect them, check out

If you want to support their cause you can also make a donation or simply buy their books (which are both wholesome AND really educational!) and films through their Webshop – all royalties go to the organisation and therefore help the wolves!

Wolflove and Arh-whooooooo!


Picture (c) by Jim and Jamie Dutcher


Great to see that you are also Wolflovers.

Join our fb side:
"Licht für Wölfe"

Together we are strong.

Do you know that on 6th of may is in Berlin the biggest demonstration for wolves?

"Aktion Fair Play" on fb and get more information and leave a comment that you encourage this demo.

Have a nice day
Prayers and blessings up to you

All the best for you
Love your music

German (my real name ;-) )

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