Love among the trees...

11 Feb 2019

See? You were RIGHT!
Here's another blog for YOU... with love.
You guys are very convincing when you want to be, thank YOU so much for ALL the positive and heartwarming and thought-provoking reactions to my last personal blog post here! I read EVERYTHING you wrote (fuckin' took a while!) and I had to dry a tear or surpres a loud manic laugh every now and then... (I'm a noisy emotional reader :-P )
So ... long story slightly shorter...
I asked your opinion about my blogs and the net, YOU answered with really fecking, to the point..errrrr?... points! So now I must keep up my part of this personal deal by braving the horrendous waves of high frequency radiation poisoning, risking severe mental instability and debilitating ego-inflation for YOU!! But, as we have apparently established, you are worth it!
Also I enjoy writing to you and sharing thoughts with you (and, to be honest, I kinda miss playing gigs for you at the moment, so this is all cool).
I will keep on blogging sic stuff every now and then, but not on fixed times, not on fixed days, not in any kind of commercial framework .... but just when I feel I need to share something with you... I'll try for about once every week.... soooooo this weeks random blog is a Quick update on what OMNIA is doing at the moment:
Jenny and me are still traveling around and searching for a Nature home and spiritual religious cult centre (hahaaargh!) for OMNIA somewhere in Europe...
This pic was taken by our friend Samantha Evans while we were checking out one of many possible properties for sale in central Germany last weekend.
This woodland is on a property that seemed cool on the internet website that advertised it and it certainly looks very pretty on a picture , but sadly it's not quite the natural living entity a real forest should be (this is basically a large "commercial garden" for "harvesting wood products) and recreational hunting (aka: "murdering the last remaining intelligent natural creatures for fun") worryingly enough the German government now actually subsidises the active killing and destruction of native creatures like the noble wild boar for countless millions of euros per year.. the War on Nature gets bloodier and dirtier each day.
And even though you cannot hear it on this lovely photo a busy road runs right through it just 50 metres behind us... the omnipresent mind-numbing roar of the combustion engine drowns out the subtle voice of the living Earth everywhere we go... there seems to be nowhere left where the destruction by the monkeyboys isn't running rampant... but we'll keep on looking!... although I'm not sure we'll find what we are looking for in Germany anymore... I think we'll start checking out a little more to the south next!

One day we'll find a place where we can sit and talk in person with each other!

Greenthingz and Hokahey!

Pic by Samantha Evans I Balm and Bitterness