Making Ciderrrrrrr!

25 Oct 2018

Ooh aarrrgh! Proper Job!

It's that time o' year to gather a whole bunch of the Goddess Pomona's** offerings and press the fuck out of them till the juice runs out (depressing if you happen to be an apple but quite uplifting if you be a monkey in search of proper home brew Cornish "Scrumpy")

Although I must say that this batch will be slightly more international product because we got all these lovely apples from the garden of our friends Chris and Maria in Denmark

So... do YOU also like to make Cider ,wine or other autumn fruitbased stuff?
Jams, compotes, preserves or moonshine etc?

Greenthingz and buxom Goddesses!

** Pomona is the Roman Goddess of "Hanging Fruit"!
Gods! I love me that ol' time Religion!