Memoires of a tour manager.

29 Jul 2017

Hi, this is Rob, I normally don’t blog, but now I have to get some things of my chest.

This summer I am the tourmanager for OMNIA, and I try to do my job in a responsible way, making sure we have nice experiences with the places that we play.

We make contracts with festivals so we’re sure they take everything seriously, and that we know what to expect when we arrive.

I felt really bad that the 3rd festival we play under my guidance, we had to cancel….

But this is what happened.

When we arrived after 2 long days travel there was no hotel arranged for us. (7 beds for 9 people) Forcing me to have long tiring conversations with untraceable organisers to fix this.

By now we were 1,5 hours late for our soundcheck on the festival, tired and hungry.

We drove there and expected a well organised festival with security at the main gate etc.

But…there was no one checking anything…ANYONE could enter the festival and drive to “the backstage” (a muddy patch of grass with nothing, behind the tiny, poorly constructed and leaking stage)… there were no fences between the public and the stage itself,. There was 1 organiser “V”. who could answer some questions but he wasn’t responsible for the stage so there was no way to make a plan and start fixing this mess.

We decided to leave for dinner, and come back later, maybe they needed more time.

In the restaurant we received a DEMAND from organiser “C” that we come at once to the festival again.

So we went back and I called organiser C. Several times , but he didn’t pick up the phone.

He didn’t appear.

Nothing at all had changed at the festival site…

No fences

No backstage dixi/toilet

No security

No cover from rain

No one who could take responsibility and explain the situation.

Just one angry girl telling us we had come much too late! We should have soundchecked already!

But I decided to ignore angry girl and demand to see “C”.

Finally, tired wet and disappointed, we decided to leave ,taking all our stuff, because we can’t leave our equipment and vans backstage if there’s NO security, or fences, or a completed backstage.

At that point “C” finally arrived! I told him all the things we missed, and he laughed in our faces, said everything was fine and proceeded to talk about other things, asking us if the dinner was nice. I told him, Yes dinner was lovely and we are leaving now.

Tellng him we would return the next day to build up and play IF he fixed all the basic things from the contract, but… sadly I didn’t trust him anymore or the way he handled my requests.

Then…..the rain got worse. All evening and night and the next morning.

I waited for a phone call from “the organisers” but they didn’t call.

We knew there was no good parking space except in the mud (with really heavy equipment) and the stage equipment wasn’t protected from rain.

I decided to call “the office” one more time and decide if we stay or go…but….they didn’t pick up the phone.

So we left, with a stone in my stomach, and an explanation to my girlfriend that it will now be more difficult to pay the rent this month, but I couldn’t risk my drums or any of OMNIA’s instruments being unprotected on a wet stage for a whole weekend without security.

I stayed in contact with some german fans, they told me they saw our good friends Irdorath perform, but they had to stop their show twice because the electric system couldn’t handle the rain on the flooding stage and malfunctioned.

Our german friends sneakily took some pictures of what the backstage looked like after we had already left the “festival” and I would like to share them with you.

Greetings Rob


Some pictures:

Ankle deep mud behind the stage…
​try rolling your 120 kilogramme hardcases through this!



This is the cosy “backstage” a leaky wooden shack in between the garbage cans and beerbarrels…
smells lovely!


This is how secure the behind the stage is! 
some members of the drunken audience were actually pissing here aswell