Merry met on Midwinter!

21 Dec 2020

Merry met on Midwinter!
Just a tiny bit of light in a whole lot of darkness :-)

T’is deepest midwinter, the shadow solstice
Now we experience our midnight hour

Nature dreams in darkest slumber
bearded with ice and mist
Wakeful ones huddle close together for comfort
Tiny in a huge dark world bereft of warmth, bereft of light.

The sun’s rays filter weakly through the freezing mists for barely a moment it seems,
before they are gone plunging the world back beneath a blanket of sable silence.

But they are not gone forever,
they will return… soon, they will return
From now on the days will get longer
the sun’s power will shine down on us with increasing vigour

more welcome, more revered for their absence
(we only learn to love that which we lose as well)

Thus the wheel of life turns,
from dark to light and back again,
As long as the heart pumps, the lifeblood flows
as it goes for the seasons, so it goes for us all

Have a blessed midwinter, chill, enjoy and look to the return of the light!
Nothing is Sacred… only Nature


pic by weedrun