microcosm in a macrocosm

8 Jul 2022

We are living in a bubble, a small contained island of peace amid the ongoing "War on Nature"
(the most mis-understood and hidden bank-supported-war of them all)

In our litle island of peace, Nature is still the benevolent provider and healer of all things ,

she gives us existence and wants us to be free and happy.

She grows our bodies and our food with the magick energy of life itself
(without the neccesity of laboratories , banks and billionaires and their bullshit diseases or petrochemical laboratory poisons , laughingly called "cures" and "fertilisers")

Nature provides all for those who do NOT let themselves get poisoned by the maniacs that rule the madhouse.

The only Evil we get here on our land is what comes out of an airplanes' ass and the confusing news and anti-social laws that reach us through the world wide web of containment.

On Terra OMNIA  boys are still boys   and    girls are still girls,

(even if they act slightly too feminine or masculine for their sex)

men are still men and women are still women

(no matter which clothes they wear or which gender they wish to have sex with)

The colour of a person's skin or their body shape is un-important compared to a person's actions

(even though there are obviously definate physical differences between all the varied races of humankind , but that is a beautifull thing!)

If deranged lunatics torture babies or children with circumcision knives and "vaccin" injection needles ... they are obviously evil and need to be put down... no matter how rich they are.

On TERRA OMNIA we see  that (contrary to popular opinion) Plants really LOVE Carbon Dioxide , it is not responsible for making the world "warmer" and it is a VERY important cornerstone for the life processes which makes the earth greener and more fertile.
(despite the ENORMOUS campaigns trying to tell us otherwise),

Trying so desperately to reduce C02 emissions is actually quite pointless and suicidal for us all!
(and I say this as an ex-enviromental activist that used to believe all that WEF promoted Greta bullshit aswell)

The enviroment and weather is so fucked nowadays, because of a dedicated and ongoing campaign of enviromental destruction through geo-engineering and industrial scale deforestation and mining etc. that has all been paid for and is led by the "rulers" of this open slave-camp called society.  

So Yes...

we live in a natural and philosophical bubble apart from most of YOU out there (physically and mentally) with just the wind in the trees and the cry of the wild Hawk for company (unless one or two of YOU visit us out here on the mountain)

But we are very happy because HERE the world makes sense

HERE we are FREE!

Because we trust in Nature
and she knows how to handle this world she created for us ...

Greenthingz and warmest wildest hugs from the partisan hills


Pic by Daphyd the Crow