Midsummer Nightmare 2024

22 Jun 2024

It's midsummer!
the lightest and longest day of the year !
(well...at least it should be...ok on this pic it looks as if there's a forest fire going on with a flat grey sky background, courtesy of world wide Geo-Engineering weather control.)

So yeah! midsummer! Oh the memories! the festivals, the hope!

that is why all those Pagans celebrate it!
They celebrate in gratitude for all the gifts that they receive from nature at this time of year
all the peace,
all the flowers,
all the food
all the sunshine
all the ease and abundance

but what about those millions of tonnes of toxic nano-particles that are being sprayed into our air by squadrons of military aircraft dressed up like civilians?  
spraying toxic load after toxic load, interacting with the electro-magnetic frequencies which they also kindly provide for this purpose...

to block out the sun and control the weather

to destroy all natural ways of living

they do this 24/7

all year round...

Should we celebrate that too? Feel like a party anyone?

There is a permanent haze of poisonous air pollution that blocks out the hill and hides the mountains, even on a "clear" mid-summer's day?

The corpse white sky enfolds a pale sickly sun?

Is anybody even AWARE of what is going on around them anymore in this evil un natural clown world reality?...this ridiculous puppet show that we cannot take seriously?

Do any of the modern so-called "Pagans" and "Vikings" , stuck behind their laptops,
even know what real Nature is anymore?

You know, as the World War on all that is Natural progresses and becomes more and more dirty,
I'm not even that worried anymore about the constant bombing with sky-dust and the total control of the weather in our world, threatening us all with new "Natural weather" disasters on a daily basis.

The military Climate War that is raging now is becoming "normalized"

What worries me most is that all those billions of muggles out there are not seeing it at all...

It's like everybody's memories of what a blue summer sky should look like,
or a proper thundercloud
or a clear starry night
or what used to be 'regular' airtraffic
or actual visible contrails for that matter...

they all forgot, their phones taught them how.

No body looks up...
they all just look down at the device that controls them...

and remain oblivious

That is the real midsummer nightmare

will they ever wake from this evil dream?

Sweet dreams!

Shaman Steve Sic