Miss Harp 1999

3 Feb 2018

Look what I found! This is from 1999 I think...
Before I met Steve, before I joined OMNIA (yes, I had a musical life before the band ;-) ). This pic was used for advertising myself as a harpplayer for weddings and such (that's what you do as a solo harpplayer).
Now I know that many of you also play the harp. If you have facebook, go there and post a a picture of yourself with your harp there! Let's see how many harpplaying freaks we have (and if you see this post and know someone who plays harp and likes Omnia, let them know about it).
I have a reason for this but I can't say anything yet.
Harpers, show yourselves!!!!

Greenthings on Harpstrings
Jenny (Miss Harp 1999)

Pic By Björn Gorissen