Morphic Resonater

4 Aug 2019

We are all connected!

This is the very first OMNIA amulet which I designed a long time ago.
It incorporates our most precious "Luna star" symbol as well as diverse runic messages in the highly potent "Omnia Runes".*
(The other side is the OMNIA logo, see below in 'comments')

We've distributed and continue to send out many of these little magic amulets from our webshop and our live merchandise (thousands over the years).

I have personally given away many hundreds of these to friends, acquaintances and cool people all over the world! From famous rich rock stars to homeless people on the street, from warm Rastas in the caribbean to cold Nordic vikings in the ice, from sympathetic politicians to sexy Photo models, they ALL have one!
We have spread this amulet around to YOU with a purpose!

Because ...
OMNIA is not "just" a band...
So, obviously:
This is not "just" a piece of pretty jewellery...

It's a sophisticated Morphic Resonator!**
(As first used by the temple of Chaos in Motion)
It connects all the wearer/owners together and keeps us all in contact no matter where we are (the original lives in our personal altar).

We are all already connected by Nature Musick and Philosophy, but even MORE so by applied home-made magick

If YOU already have one of these resonating OMNIA amulets, please please take a picture of YOU and it and post it here! We are ALL connected!

Greenthingz and Chaos Magick!
Shaman Steve Sic

*OMNIA runes are a unique archetype runic system, unconnected to any of the hyped (and abused) Germanic and Nordic stuff which have become so popular in movies, games and modern viking stuff nowadays.

**for more on "Morphic Resonance" theory: check Rupert Sheldrake and/or Terry Pratchett.