Murder of bears and wolves in Slovenia has to be stopped!

26 Jun 2019

Dear animal lovers...Please help!

As you know, we are planning to move to Slovenia. It is a beautiful country with a lot of nature, and home to some (to the ecosystem) really important large predators; the Wolf and the Brown Bear. Every year, there is a lobby for a 'culling' (A nice politically correct word for 'murdering') a few hundred bears and a dozen or so wolves. This is, because sadly, sometimes a bear needs food and in dire need will go into a village or a farm and kill farm animals. They also (very seldom) attack (human) people (of course, humans have killed and still kill many more bears, completely unprovoked). They are big, they are strong, well, they are bears! They still do less damage than humans do, and most farmers are only interested in the financial loss they make and don't care about the actual individuals killed by a bear. As for the wolves, I actually can't find any news about any 'damage' that the less than 50 (!) wolves in Slovenia are doing, but they get heaped on the pile.

The current 2019 murder will be officially 200 bears and 11 wolves. You may know, that killing wolves leads to packs splitting up, making hunting very difficult because they rely on intricate group hunts, meaning the wolves might go for domesticated animals, because it's that, or starve. So it will just get worse...

A petiton has been started, but it is in Slovenian. You can easily sign it if you don't understand the language (or translate the page):


But what we would really like to ask is, if someone who is good with this kind of stuff, can start an international petition to the government. If you do that, we will be so grateful!! And the bears and wolves with you. It is a hasty business, because the act is already there, it just needs a final approval. Thank you so much, hvala!

Greenthings Jenny & Steve
with thanks to Tamara Nightshade for bringing this to our attention.