Mushroomszz and Monkeyzz

7 Oct 2017


Nice pic in the forest, but We're actually driving on the road to Kobenhavn now... the international motorway looks so butt-ugly we want to spare you the I'll just share this nice pic I took yesterday :-)
(Our heart is still there among the trees)

Just One more hour of motoring on in our trusty "Black Pearl" untill the Lava studio! ... and After 9 hours already of driving among emorionally retarded maniacs in large machinas ,traffic jams ,the ubiquitous roadpolice drug checks 
as well as border control passport checks I can say that we are looking forward to finally arriving there and seeing our friends again :-)

(45 more minutes to go now)

Greenthingz from among the blacktops with white lines

Pic by kabouter Spillebeen


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