This is my home, it's where I belong...

1 May 2017

Soooo... the festival season has started without us, and here we are, chilling, enjoying and relaxing in beautifull breathtaking Nature (normally we would have already been touring the gigs with our band by now) 

But to tell you the truth I don't miss the festivals yet...
Ofcourse we miss meeting and playing for YOU guys and we miss (most of) our hardworking festival buddies! ;-)

But ,fuck it!... we're Free!

And Our "little" Stenny holiday is going really sweet so far :-)
After days of mucking around on the water in a canoe, checking out the "Native art" made by wild beavers!, and seeing all the wonderfull wildlife here in this beautifull land, We'll be leaving the North of Germany (close to Poland) tomorrow to travel even further North , so we can feel the spring awakening there aswell!

On the way we'll just have to pick up a dreadlocked Redhead Norwegian babe and a true-born Viking music producer in Kopehagen to show us the way in the lands of the North.

Can you guess who they are?

Greenthingz and new awakenings!
Stenny on da Road of freedom