My Mother has the Virus…

26 Oct 2020

What can I say?

Her symptoms are getting worse by the day
Hot and cold fever, extreme body temperature fluctuations!
Heart rythm irregularities
heavy sweating and irritated, decaying skin
arteries blocked, whole organs dying off…

I am desolate

The Virus is weakening her to such an extreme right now…
she’s in terrible pain and faces a dire future…

The Virus has eaten away and destroyed most of her skin, leaving gaping sores, The Virus has polluted her airways to such a degree she cannot breath properly anymore.

This deadly Virus has already killed most of her children and all the rest are in a terminal way.

She is old but strong, Her immune system is battling bravely to overcome the disease, but sadly

There is no known antidote… no vaccine is available

the Virus keeps growing exponentially,
it’s growth rate is out of control and seems totally unstoppable now!

Every day more and more of this Virus fills her body to eat away at the beloved life of my Mother…

the Planet Earth

and ALL her children

Consider this philosophical conundrum

You may think “humans are dying” of the flu, (I have heard it often enough during the last 3/4 of a year) but still the total human population is growing at an increasing and unsustainable rate…

Our enviromentally challenged planet’s total world population of humans grew by about 65million EXTRA people since the start of 2020…despite the “death count” of Corona ,Cardio vascular, Obesity , war et al.

(that’s more than 32 times the total population of the country where I live, that’s more than the entire death toll of the first or the second world war)

Human Overpopulation and it’s rapist plundering lifestyle is the biggest cause of the present climate crisis which is altering the face of our planet and which will destroy us all… you included.

Corona is natural , it’s also a symptom of human greed

Should no human ever be allowed to die from natural causes ever again?
No matter how old, no matter how unhealthy their lifestyle is?

Should we all endlessly reproduce AND live forever?,

no matter how much we take?

no matter what the cost to All of life?

then I ask you:

What about this planet?

what about all your young people?

what about the future for EVERYBODY?

Do you condemn them all to live and slowly die in a mind controlled and polluted fascist prison in a collapsing enviroment surrounded by ever increasing amounts of insane greedy monkeys who spread death and disease in the name of money and power to the few?

Or should we perhaps be thinking about changing our own self image and our life-values to a more natural philosophy and a cleaner , less selfish way of living, including the acceptance of natural death as a sad but neccessary force,

just like every other natural species on this planet has to do each and every day?

Think about it

Nothing is Sacred… only Nature

Greenz and Truth
Shaman Steve Sic

please share this post in the name of Nature…

 “MATER” by Steve Sic anno:1991