Natural Horse riding

27 Apr 2018

We're hanging out with our friends Paul and Lucy today, chilling out under the glorious spring sky...
Doing some Horse riding (NO bit), playing at being a lumberjack,
Drumming on wood,
doing some outdoor cooking on a campfire.. yum!
The birds sing
The heart beats
life is good :-)

Did YOU ever cook food on an open fire? Any of you love outdoor living?


well, the most time, if we´re not composing or writing music in our mystic-folk Band -WALDRAUNEN- , we spent a lot of times outdoors.... in the woods; mountains and so on.
We too living there; surrounded by big, green woods....

If time is "free", we hang around; collecting plants; edible roots; building some shelter, or cooking on open fire.
Sometimes practicing some "primitive skills", like bone scratching; flintstone work; make an Atlatl... speaking with animals (no joke...) ya, things like that.
But: that´s not a hobby! This is (our)[ way of] life.

Most people of nowadays esp. so called "citiers" are more like "aliens" in the wilderness. This is sometimes really funny to see...

enjoy the nature(time) guys
best regards

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