Nature is Love... Love is Nature

5 Nov 2017

Don't worry if Life get's you down,
'cause all these mutants make you frown

One day their GREED will turn to NEED
To reap the STORM they sowed the seed

Be happy, humans won't last long
Let Nature fill your heart with song

Keep close to your heart, that which you hold dear
Together we're strong, there's nothing to fear

One thing is forever sure:
Nothing is Sacred ...only Nature

Greenthingz and Love

pic by Samantha Evans

ps: Yes there is a new OMNIA-CD coming out in spring 2018
This pic (or one like it) is going to be part of the Artwork

pps: Yes, the next (and only) concert in Holland is in the Altstadt in Eindhoven on 24th November INFO HERE