NEW!! Improved Anthropo-planet! Welcome to YOUR future!

13 Apr 2019

Yes! you too can be the proud owner of this NEW IMPROVED "anthropo-planet"!!
No more waiting for months for those pesky old fashioned seasons to change gradually! Nope! That's not neccessary at all with NEW improved "Anthropo-planet" you get ALL seasons in One Day! With exiting NEW possibilities!
Temperature drops of 25 degrees and more within 24hours!
Snow and Blossom together at last!
Drought or Flooding?
Ice storms or Heatwaves?
Rising seas or desert mountains?

On new improved Anthropo-planet it's ALL possible!
Just For YOU! The all powerfull, freewilled , free choosing and totally free living modern consumer!

And the best thing is, it's not gonna cost you ANYTHING ALL.!!

Nope you heard that right!
Just Leave your creditcard in your applebottom jeans, because All these wonderfull gifts have already been bought and paid for!!
By your fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers using all the other living creatures on this planet as easy currency!
This is their gift to YOU...
Helped a teeny weeny little bit ofcourse by that super generous elite group of humans, the elusive 1%! (Royalty, Kings, Queens, Shahs, Dictators, Druglords, Oilcompany owners ,BigPharma, BigFood and other psychopathic genocidal murderers)
All this they did for YOU and YOUR KIDS!

This is your world!

Enjoy it!

"I'm lovin' it!"

Shaman SteveSic

Ps: Pic taken a week ago... erm...
it's -1 celcius and snowing now...