New Pagan Merchandise!

18 Jul 2013
New Pagan Merchandise!

Yes Boyz and Girlz we have some NEW Pagan Merchandise from the weird and "not really human" hand/mind of Shaman SteveSic (Pope of non-dogmatic Paganism)... 

This new OMNIA "Runic-Lunastar" incorporates many symbols and runes which are important to the OMNIA philosophy, like the Creative Chaos Star/ world tree, The Moon, Circles within Circles and of course the ever present OMNIA runes... this symbolic pagan Glyph has been designed as a charm for greater  "fortitude, natural living and Art" ...the "Runic Lunastar" is now available in rich Celtic Gold on the back of the new Kick Ass OMNIA HOODIE! ...and It has been stitched into a new black/silver/gold OMNIA PATCH!! ( the OMNIA "Amulet" logo is also available as a patch now!) 

Check them and the other new OMNIA goodies out in our​ webshop or at the Merchandise stand @ all upcoming OMNIA concerts this summer!  Art for Musick, Musick for All!

Greenthingz, Gold thingz, Paganthingz...  OMNIA      

ps: it's worth it to check out the webshop , just to see the hilarious pictures of the band as merchandise-models! ;-)