New Song! here's

18 Aug 2013
New Song! here's

(oh feck here we go again!...) As you may or may not know, we are in the process of writing songs for our new Album "EARTH WARRIOR" which we will be recording this winter in the "LAVA studio" of our dear friend Christopher Juul in Denmark..

Because OMNIA is a true born Pagan Heart , who wish to make musick straight from this Heart... so we like to try out anythibng new were working on together with YOU our audience... this is the quickest way to get feed back and to feel the audience energy/response to a new tune or a new set of lyrics...

Today at the amazing MPS festival in Telgte we will be trying out the song

"BLACK HOUSE" for some friends of ours there! This new OMNIA piece is a song about addiction and the love/hate relationship that any addict has with his/her chosen drug. It's metaphorically camouflaged as a song about a bar where DEATH is the bar tender and he sells  whiskey ... I wrote it in a "Johnny Cash" / country style... and I'm a little nervous about performing it live... ahem... but then so are we all... hihihi

The Black House 

Music and lyrics: SteveSic and Jenny

There's a place... called the Black house.
It's a place I go when my spirits are low.
I can taste... in the Black House-
Forbidden Fruit, though it's evil I know-

all the people in the Black House.
I can see it in their eyes, there's no need to disguise-
My thirst... in the Black House.
This Whiskey is real and it makes me feel-

like Heaven... in the Black House-
all the women are angels are the guys are swell.
and the music, in the Black House-
oh it soothes my soul like a harp from hell.

oh Black house!
oh Black House!

oh the Boss of the Black House-
he's a tall skinny guy in a long black cape.
and he smiles on the Black House-
with the skeletal grin of his white skull face.

I raise my glass in the Black House!
you can tell me it's wrong, too much whiskey , too much song
Kiss my ass!  bloody Black House!
this is where I belong , give me whiskey, give me whiskey all night long.

this is where I belong , give me streams of whiskey all night long...


quite coincidentally there is a whiskey bar called "the Black House" at every MPS festival this year... where we will certainly be enjoying a quiet whiskey after the show to calm our shaking hands! ;-)   "Get our favourite bottle ready Marcus!!"

 Be Free!, Respect Nature and enjoy our pure organic, homegrown PAGANFOLK!
Greenthingz and Grassroots Shaman SteveSic (Pope of Paganism and Whiskey)