Nothing is Sacred..only Nature

30 May 2019

In the wild we experience a deepness of spiritual satisfaction that no amount of human-made-entertainment could ever provide.

Live Wild, live Natural, be Free!

Ps: this pretty little bit of very true philosophy was already posted here a few days ago with another scenic nature picture attached, but sadly it was removed by "the powers of public censorship" because some particularly enthousiastic digi-trolls found that: if you zoomed in really close on it you could actually see a small part of Jenny's nipple hidden in between the masses of Dreadlocks covering her body, which caused such a lecherously heated arousal of sexual energy to be manifested in them, that they felt moved to indignantly report that particular shot of tranquil natural beauty as "pornography"...ahem...
But we thought that the sentiment of this little poem/piece expressed such simple truth,that it deserved to be put back on our timeline for posterity, this time accompanied by another (fully clothed) photo taken in deep old forest...
Although in all honesty I must confess that underneath all the clothing both Jenny and myself are wearing, we are both still in possession of a complete set of nipples aswell as other fully functional "body bits" and we are both quite capable of using them aswell...
hopefully this doesn't shock , bother or upset anybody too much.

Pps: to all those sour digi-trolls out there who are so shocked by all things Natural and the human body in its unadorned gods-given state:
Please don't let your own overheated little perversions get in the way of freedom of expression. Remember that we don't all have a mind as seriously warped as yours.