November Bilberries? (Let's talk about the Climate... part 9)

18 Nov 2018

Last night the frost started properly in our forest,that is good and roughly as it should be.

It's still too dry because the long rains haven't materialised to refresh the parched land that was dessicated like a desert during this long hot everlasting summer... um... that's not so good.

It's probably going to be a fucking cold winter in our Dutch/German forest this year because some of our "winterfriends" the Bramblings (Fringilla Montifringilla) have flown down from the north to settle in our forest two whole months too early!
That is really not good at all!

We've seen many strange things this year including such sights as fields full of spring flowers under golden leaved autumn trees... But this morning when we went out walking in our frosty november woods we came upon a rare sight indeed... ripe juicy bilberries!!?
(fyi: bilberries ripen in july normally)
That's really major fucking way off the chart of anywhere near ok-ness!

So...yeah... climate change...

Are there seriously still people out there who can deny that human stupidity and greed have caused a world climate disturbance which is changing too fast to stop anymore now?

Time to act for yourselves now!

Jenny and me are still working on our creative OMNIA survival plan as you know (no luck finding the right land yet though!) but we persevere!

So... share it with the rest of us...
What's happening with the weather and wild animals where YOU are? (Mention your country/city in your reply please)

And (if you know) What are YOUR plans when the big human shit inevitably hits the giant fucking fan?

Greenthingz and cha cha cha changes!


Ps: despite our faces , I can assure you that the berries were VERY tasty!!