The old and the new come together!

2 Apr 2018

Our newest CD 'Reflexions' is out now and to celebrate we made a special offer combining this new CD with our oldest, 'Crone of War (2004, re-released due to popular demand)', so you can listen to the full spectrum of what OMNIA has to offer and has learned over the years!

Why do YOU think those two CD's go together well?



Because we have a Roots album with "Crone of war" and "connect" (tree) with REFLEXIONS... What is in top is in below !!!...
I like much your album! ;)
I traveled far so far… Thank you for this nice 'fucking" GIFT !!!! ;)
Evident that we are saddened to know that we will not be seen for a while ... But you have important things to do ... ;)
May the gods and goddesses guide you and help you !!!
We LOVE You !!!!

Hey, it is my first and my latest Album, so everything goes in circles. For people who hadn't the pleasure to meet you 15 years ago it is easy to catch up....
Thank you anyway for two GREAT albums

Hey guys, I was just recently turned on to the band through Apple Music’s “New Music” playlist. Really loving Crone of War as well. Hoping the streaming services helps fund the band’s mission. Keep up the awesome work.

Hi ! ;) Just little précision in relation to the french expression "up - down"...
Everything in the place is upside down !
In the reflection, he also, think (in french réflexion ;))!
And before acting, you have to prepare ... like a warrior of light !

Just be immobile, be attentive, in Peace ... To let go (water flows), no longer want to direct everything ... And there, things go !!! And here, WOW !!!! ...

I am "connected" after an accident ... My life, my perception has changed ... Everything is deepened ... There is sense in every thing ...
My heart opened and my fears flew away ...
Not long ago I learned the language of colors and its symbolism ... Wow wow wow ! ;)

You have given so much !!! Sown so many seeds, opened the consciences,
heated hearts, enlightened the spirits... and more and more... ;)
THANKS YOU for ALL ( in french "tout" : OMNIA ! ;)
You deserved a little rest, you find both in Lovers !!!
Beautiful and big things are waiting for you ;)

Thanks again for your latest "creation" ... A rare Pearl !!! ... Black ???

We love You !!!!

I am available !

Oh my. Damien looks sooo much like Steve, at first I thought the one in the photo was a teenager Steve.
A beautiful little shaman! :)

I want to thank You so much guys because even of You don't know me, You give me so much joy and hope for humanity and for our Mother Earth.

Love You so so much.

I hope I can squeeze You in my arms one day :) :)


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