The Old and the New... Happy New Year! an OLD CD and a NEW CD coming up!

3 Jan 2018

So my friends! There was a lot of noise a few days back and the sky around our forest hill was filled with scary lights and horrendous explosions like it was the war to end all wars... So I presume that theoretically a "new year" has started ;-)
Well... at least a new calender date has appeared and we are now living in 2018!
We have survived another cycle of seasons and are ready for the next!

This coming year is going to be unique for Jenny and me, because we will be making OMNIA do some things we have never done before! (Exciting isn't it!?)
After taking some pretty deep spirit journeys together, Stenny has gained some more insight to further our ongoing path through life. (Grandmother Raven and Uncle Wolf can be great teachers!)

I'll give you a quick run down of some things we've decided for the coming months:

As you may know we are going to try to build/ found an "OMNIA Pagan Nature Sanctuary" in the near future and to do this properly we will need some help from you :-)

So we will be auctioning very rare OMNIA collector's items online this year
Because we realise that many of YOU out there are not the wealthiest people and we don't want to only give these "gifts of the past" only to those of you who can outbid the others with money, we have also decided to take the VERY RAREST of all our cd's (which is also the first ever full-length OMNIA album which I recorded together with Jenny) and RE-RELEASE it!

Yes, the classic  "CRONE OF WAR" CD (which was taken out of print many many years ago) will be made available again for the same price as all the other OMNIA CD's ... so it will be available for EVERYBODY again!

"CRONE OF WAR" will be RELEASED on the 1ste of FEBRUARY 2018!!

To celebrate this unexpected re-release, the genius guitar player who joined OMNIA as a guest musician on that  first "real" full length Epic PaganFolk CD so long ago in 2004, mr Joe "King" Hennon... will be REJOINING OMNIA THIS YEAR!!

So our old friend Joe will of course be playing on the entire DUTCH THEATRE TOUR, starting in February this year!
(check our online-agenda to reserve your tickets)

SteveSic, Jenny, Grandmother Raven and Uncle Wolf ;-)

ps: so that was the "Old"...what about the "New"?
wel... the completely NEW OMNIA CD will be released in MARCH.
But we'll tell you more about that later (this is the internet for fuck's sake... I've already written much too much in one post for most "modern" people to comprehend ;-) !!

pic by Samantha Evans