OMNIA and Kelvin Kalvus back together again!

8 Aug 2013
OMNIA and Kelvin Kalvus back together again!

his weekend we'll be trucking all the way to the Czech border side of Germany to play at the MPS in DRESDEN!! That whole festival was cancelled earlier this year because all of Dresden was completely flooded then... (naw! there's nothing wrong with the climate at all!)

Luckily now the water has gone down, the weather looks good and finally the whole MPS family will settle down there for a whole long weekend of fun , spectacle and musick! 

And.... (this is especially cool for us)... our old friend Kelvin actually lives there and he will be joining us on stage for as many (improvised) OMNIA/KELVIN pieces as we can work out together! !! fuck yeah!!!

So we are verrrrrry happy indeedy! Not only have we slept and relaxed a couple of days now... not only do we get to play and have fun at one of the coolest festivals we know this coming weekend... not only do we get to meet many more of YOU personally.... BUT we also get to hang out with our favourite superhuman physical artist Kelvin! (if you haven't seen him work before and you have the chance... check out his show in dresden!!)  

Have a good one! XXX Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA

ps: in response to all the messages lately...thanx for all the support that YOU have given us and that you keep on giving us everyday!!!
we stay free and pure for YOU, YOU stay smart and happy for US!

pps: in response to other questions...yes ... we'll be taking the new OMNIA merchandise like the "I don't speak human" teeshirt and the amulet etc. to Dresden aswell.