OMNIA Back in the THEATRE!!

20 Jul 2017


This winter (februari-march 2018) we'll be playing a special Acoustic Theatertour in the Netherlands!

This gives us the chance to play many of the "soft and subtle" pieces that we do not perform at all the big (and rather noisy) festivals around the world where we play normally. 
Would you like to hear the heart-rending drama of "the Raven" played live? 
Would you like to hear some of OMNIA's more spiritual pieces like "Mabon" close up and "for real"?
Would you like to sit back in a comfy chair in the warm cosy surroundings of a darkened theatre and drift away to the musick style of Nature we invented 21 years ago... the purest PaganFolk?

Then WE would like to invite YOU to come and join us this winter in Holland...
check out the dates HERE!

Greenthingz on whispering Winter's wingz