1 Aug 2016

(just like old times!)

This festival has been an important part of our life for many years since we were a part in originally creating this meeting place of freaks (together with our loyal fans who volunteered, crewed and visited the festival in those first crucial years before it became the big organisation it is now!)

Jenny and me have helped to build and run Castlefest as creative directors in the CF organization for its first 5 years. And of course OMNIA has PaganFolk-Rocked the Castlefest mainstage EVERY time!! 
Always drawing the biggest crowds of joyous colourful people celebrating Life together…

And although we are no longer part of the organisation, OMNIA is very proud to be a living part of this wonderful festival which we all share together!

This year OMNIA will be playing a SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY SHOW on the Friday (18:00-19:30, Village Stage) to commemorate 20 years of original PaganFolk musick with a mix of old and new songs and including Joe Hennon as specials guest from Omnia’s past!

On Saturday night OMNIA will play a full PAGANFOLKROCK SHOW on the Pagan-night (21:15-22:45, Forest Stage) right after the wickerman burning, to celebrate this magickal night together with the audience and the energy of Nature!

on Sunday afternoon OMNIA will have a meet and greet SIGNING SESSION next to the OMNIA merchandise stand (14:30-16:00 at the Forest stage) Where you can meet the members of the band personally.

see YOU there!!
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA