10 Feb 2018

As you may have read in our newsletter we're auctioning off rare OMNIA collectors items which have been take out of print over the years at EACH of the shows on our upcoming theatre tour.
You can make a bid for these items at our merchandise stand during every show of this tour.
and the highest bidder ofcourse gets to take the prized item(s) home!.

the following collectors items will be made available at EACH of the 15 Theatre venues during this coming tour:

-OMNIA "3" EP-CD (2003) + Sticker (set) : the first ever "real" OMNIA CD (after the original OMNIA historical theatre/combat/music group had become a 100% PaganFolk musick group)
 This is the FIRST CD EVER featuring a very young Jenny (who had just joined OMNIA a few months before). We stopped printing this one because we thought it sounded a little too rough and erm... embarrasing... But for the serious collector it's apparently a real must :-)
sold also including the first EVER OMNIA sticker!
We will auction 1 of these rare CD + sticker sets at EVERY coming Theatre show.

-OMNIA "Live Religion" CD (2004) + Poster (set):This is an OMNIA live-show, recorded 100% acoustic on a simple Discman in a church! This disc also features  a few songs together with the german band FAUN.  Including an original "Live on Earth" promo poster!
We will auction 1 of these rare CD + poster sets at EVERY Theatre show.

-OMNIA-"Pagan FolkLore" DVD (2008): This is a special live DVD filmed during one of our famous "FairyBall" concerts with loads of costumed freaks in the audience!(including interviews, extras and hidden easter eggs) The DVD is sold inside a beautifully made,full colour, illustrated StoryBook written by SteveSic. All the drawings are made by SteveSic (who used to be a cartoonist for a while ;-), our old friend Miez and uncle Alan Lee.
We will auction 1 of these rare DVD's at EVERY Theatre show.

-OMNIA "WolfLove" CD /DVD (gold embossed) double packs (2010) + Single (set) : The well known OMNIA CD 'WolfLove" was originally a double disc pack including an EXTRA DVD with liveshows filmed on Castlefest and a silly "making of" video material and lots of other stuff. After a few years we opted to sell it as simply the CD on its own, these are the last few examples of the original production!
It's offered Including the one and only OMNIA single ever printed! ("Alive-radio version"/"Dance untill we Die")
We will auction 1 of these rare CD + single sets at EVERY Theatre show.

-CyberShaman Patch (2007) :The special Patch that was designed by SteveSic to go with the CyberShaman electronic re-mix CD! Featuring a more Spikey, Darker version of the OMNIA logo ;-)
We will auction 1 of these rare patches at EVERY Theatre show.

-RANDOM RARE OMNIA TEE SHIRT: Surprise! We have retained a handfull of original OMNIA teeshirts printed from 2003 up to a few years ago (in varying sizes, with various designs like: Original OMNIA logo, The Raven girlie shirts, WolfLove girlie and sleeveless shirts, The OMNIA "grey" logo etc.
We will auction 1 random shirt of this handfull of remaining shirts (random print, random size) on EVERY OMNIA Theatre show.

This will be an experiment in "live auctioning" which will hopefully work for everyone!
And remember , to reassure all of you who would like to , but cannot buy one of the rare pieces of OMNIA history due to location or finances, there is one collector's item which has been taken out of our historical archives and re-made from the mists of time to live again:
the classic OMNIA-"Crone of War" CD (2004), which is now available to everyone , everywhere! (webshop, merch-stand, I-tunes, spotify etc)

Greenthingz and living History!