OMNIA counter-Terrorist Squad!

29 Dec 2016

(Just Spreading happiness :-)

We, the nature-lovin' "MUSICK makers" strive to fill the hearts of good people like YOU with bravery, mind-peace and humor!

While the international "fear-makers" want everyone to be paranoid, angry and scared during these dark winterdays.

Which makes OMNIA sort of 
"anti-terrorists" :-)

What's the opposite of Terrorist?
Maybe relaxist?

Anyway We're going to Lava studio in Kopenhagen to have some fun with our good friends Chris and Maria 
And to make a comforting, happy new "special" OMNIA album to counter the Terror of being a modern human living in the 3rd millenium! Hehehe!

Greenz and Chillness
Stenny on the road

Pic of "Sic and the Golden Jenny" by mr.Fluffy

Ps: Yes we're still working...Just because we have a 6 month break from touring with the band, doesn't mean that were having a break from making Art!