23 Nov 2013

What would you do for an OMNIA dollar?... We made up a random chaos-game...

A weird tradition has started amongst ourselves and a few close friends regarding the Bronze OMNIA AMULETS... from now on referred to as "Omnia Dollar" (spoken in a vietnamese accent). We use it as a kind of "I dare you" currency to playfully force our friends to perform entertaining things for us, whereupon they get to keep the OMNIA dollar... But ofcourse this leaves them in possession of such a magical coin, whereupon they only have to speak the dreaded words "OMNIA Dollar?" while pointing out the form of entertainment they have in mind... which then forces us into keeping them amused...
... you can get your friends to do the weirdest things for the price of one OMNIA dollar... 
These things that get done for the price of one shiny magical amulet are as diverse as the stuff that lives inside our imagination... It could be the price for making a beautifull meal... or for cleaning could be the price for a song... a dance... or it could be the price for you to get down on your knees and... well... whatever you fancy 
I leave your own overheated, internet fed minds to fill in any details you like (it's a free world)
So... what would you do for an "OMNIA Dollar"?

Greenthingz on Bohemian wingz

Make love and fun!


ps: If you don't own any of these Magick Mindcontrol coins, then you can order your own in our webshop!