28 Jul 2017

(Burning a mittelalter Festival)

Dear fans... if you are planning to come and see OMNIA play Paganfolk at the Ehrenberg festival in Austria
We are so so sorry, but we will NOT be there.

The organisation of this mittelalter festival has managed to make such a mess of all our agreements and have broken contract with us on so many points ... (and were very rude and arrogant about it aswell)
that it really has become impossible for us to play there...

So we have now packed up all our stuff and simply left the country again.
Because our NEXT show is in Italy, Stenny has decided to give the band and crew a few days extra holiday to relax and destress after this big disappointment in sunny Italia!!

Greenz and Apologies to YOU

Ps: I would like to take this opportunity to kindly ask all future festival organisers (especially "mittelalter and fantasy festival" organisers) who would like OMNIA to play for them to remember this:

 "Please respect the agreements we make in our contracts regarding what we need to be able to perform for you...
The simple things we request are there for a good reason. We are not a "normal band", If you break your word and make it impossible for us to perform our shamanic musick by fucking with our energy...
We simply leave."

This is NOT an ACT

**Maybe I should add that I do not believe we are better than anyone else.
We believe that All bands should be treated with respect by the festivals that exploit them .

Most bands do not have the chance to defend themselves against bad organisers.
(There is no union for festival bands)
That's why we try to make a stand to protect ALL of us musicians!

Call me an arrogant bastard if you want... but at least I am honest ,it's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it

pps: Again sorry to our fans, (it's for YOU we do this, so that we can stay REAL)...we hope we can make it up to you sometime in the future