OMNIA has found a home!!

30 Nov 2019

But only if YOU help us...(please share)

After a looong search we have finally found the PERFECT piece of land and forest to make "the world of OMNIA" become a physical reality for us ALL!

It is so amazingly beautifull and perfect you will not believe your eyes when you see/experience it... In the high foothills of the Alps, miles of lush forest, fresh sparkling spring water straight from the mountains and strong healthy, very diverse Flora and Fauna all around!

There is a spirit that inhabits these hills,
A sleeping giantess
She called to us
and we heard her song and came to find
OUR Pagan Nature Playground!

We are so happy and full of hope, our minds are bubbling over with the possibilities for this REAL spirit sanctuary!
Not just for us, but also for our friends and for all Nature minded freaks like YOU!
to gather together
to dream together
to play Musick together
to teach each other
to share
to make ritual
and to learn from Nature.

A REAL permanent physical sanctuary for Musick, for Nature and pure simple Pagan Spirit!

I really want to tell YOU more...

BUT (here it comes, the big BUTT)

There's a catch:
We have to wait one whole month for the powers of bureaucratia to decide if OMNIA is allowed to buy it ...or not

One month...
30 days...
Argh! The excitement is killing us!

We feel SO at home here in this tiny pocket of peace in the high beautifull hills of fairytale Slovenia. This is it! This is the place! We feel it!
But there remains a tiny teeny chance that the fates will not let us buy it!

That's what we need YOUR help for now:
We need your Faith...
We need your FULL Belief in the future OMNIA Sanctuary that will come to be in this special place we have chosen!

Use every Spell, pray on any Altar , Bend every positive thought YOU can muster toward reaching this one goal:

To influence the powers of Bureaucratia, Fortuna and the Fates in securing this place for OMNIA!

Make it real in your mind...
See it, feel it, BE there with us!

If we can ALL focus our energy and our belief together into that one point, as a guiding light during this darkest month of the year...
If we ALL believe hard and true enough then...
Come the new year something truly Magickal will be born!!!

We're counting on YOU, please SHARE this message!

Greenthingz and Positive Energy!
Stenny, Črt the cat et OMNIA