OMNIA signed Collectors items!

21 Aug 2019

We've cleared out our storage space and found a big pile of old original-print OMNIA CD's which are not for sale anymore!
We have already auctioned off a few of these items at live-shows last year, and now we've decided to put them all up in our webshop to share these living monuments of OMNIA's long history with YOU!

Original print: vintage shirts, stickers, patches , Cd's like "live Religion" and Sine Missione, WolfLove Including DVD, the Faery Tale book/DVD "PaganFolkLore", and much much more!

And to top it off: We've signed all the CD's and DVD's!

All the profits of the sale of these "special collectors items" will go towards funding a real Pagan "World of OMNIA" in Nature!

These VERY limited items will be available ONLY from our webshop starting next weekend...

Greenthingz and LivingHistory!