5 Feb 2018

Please don't worry because I told you that we will soon play our last THEATRE tour :-)
It doesn't mean that we will stop playing concerts at all!
Ofcourse not! :-)

It just means that because the the world is changing we will change with it  (which also means the way we will perform concerts in the future)

Change can be a positive thing, Change opens up new paths... but ofcourse we cannot change what we truly are... Musicians and Heyoka ...we just want to adapt to how we do things in the future ... just like nature has to adapt aswell.

We just feel that we owe it to you all to have this last taste of what a real OMNIA theatre show should really be about!
That's why were doing it!
 For YOU! :-)

see you there!

Greenz and Love of Life!

ps: remember that we also promised YOU to do a full PAGANFOLKROCK festival show this year !... Have you figured out which festival it will be yet? ;-)