Only LOVE… can tame the Demon!

9 Aug 2023

New OMNIA single coming out SOON!
11 august 2023

To spread the love, to give strength and hope to those who still have eyes to see and hearts to feel…
There are even shots in the video of bits of Terra OMNIA that do not exist anymore since last friday!

This world is now ruled by the Demon
It eats the sky, devours the land and poisons the soul

The War on Nature deepens
but we survive
We fight it every day
with our Hearts , with our Souls, with our MUSIC!

we will tame the Demon
We will only tame it with Love

Greenest thingz and Love

Stenny and Črt and TERRA OMNIA

ps: we can move around again!
our fantastic neighbour temporarily fixed our road/waterfall , so it’s drivable with our 4x4 offroad… he spent a day dumping rocks in the chasm untill it held solid ,with his trusty 1970’s steyr tractor… today we go to look at the situation in the Savinska valley for the first time since the bombardment.