Only Love...Can Tame the Demon

11 Aug 2023

This composition of OMNIA Music is a gift that will heal YOUR Soul
Listen to it as much as you can!

It's the year 2023
As Evil spreads throughout the material reality of this world 
and tired, confused people are enslaved by clever illusions and trans-humanist techno-promises,
many of our "brothers and sisters" in music-land, have sadly fallen under the influences of Sinister Occultism,
while the "Art" of Pagan music has gotten Dark, Disturbing and Demonic ...

BUT, no worries! There is always Hope! There is still OMNIA!

OMNIA remains Free, Strong and True to Nature and her children  :-)
(Just because we refuse to tour and kiss the devil's ass, doesn't mean we don't make music anymore)

So here's a new 2023 OMNIA track we made for YOU, to spread some Love and Light!!

"Only Love...can tame the Demon"  

was composed as a force of positive energy
an emotional, sensitive track, with no fancy tricks, no techno-fakery and 100 % sincere emotion.
Sounds of Love to counter the Demons that now openly inhabit this world.
Music to warm the Souls and Hearts of those who wish to remain untouched by the growing madness.

Recorded on real instruments by real people at the natural frequency of A=432 Hz.
1 Harp, 1 flute, 1 sliding Didge... old school.
"Only Love...can tame the Demon" was written as a musical vortex of positive emotion, 
which will let YOU share in the Energy and the Love we feel for All of Natural Life and each other.
(YOU included!)

This video was made entirely on location at TERRA OMNIA which is an actual Living place (not a studio set)
where OMNIA has founded a Temple-retreat dedicated to REAL Life and the mysteries of Nature.

OMNIA is: 
Jenny Evans van der Harten : Neo-Celtic Harp 
Steve Sic Evans van der Harten: Customised Irish whistle 
Daphyd Sens: Sliding Didgeridoo 

If you wish to support OMNIA at the TERRA OMNIA temple you can buy this song on these platforms

"Only Love...can tame the Demon"
Music written by: Steve Sic & Jenny Evans van der Harten 2023 
Recorded and mixed by Aleš Uratnik at Chainsaw Studio,  Slovenia 2023
Mastered by Fabian Tormin at Plätlin mastering Hamburg Germany 2023
All music & publishing rights ©PaganScum Records 2023 
CO Daphyd & Stenny, 
Video edited by Daphyd Sens (