On our way there...

8 May 2018

We're on the road to visit our very good friends Chris and Maria (Euzen,Heilung) in Denmark.
The "black beauty" is Travelling North to check out Chris' NEW LAVA studio2 in Denmark! (Lava studio1 is the place where we have made most OMNIA cd's since 2010, "REFLEXIONS" was the last CD-production ever to come out of Lava 1 before it was torn down)

We love our forest, but Sometimes you just HAVE to leave your own "peacefull place" and do silly things like spending 10 hours on various motorways mingling with suicidal psycho monkeys in machines to get close to people and/or places you really want to be with :-)

Do YOU know that feeling?
What makes YOU leave your comfort zone?

Greenthingz and autobahn!

Ps:this is my
"Spider Jerusalem face"! :-)


What makes us leave the comfort Zone?

YOU and Cornwall ♥

Two raven
One raven
Three raven
I've seen carrion lately
And you all rock!

I don't usually leave my comfort zone much, but when I do it helps to listen to my favorite bands. With all the chemtrails they have been spraying us with here in the Southwest, I put on my full armor, Nature.

I just got the urge to travel to take the train to Danmark... wonder why! ;)
If you're passing through Sweden please let me know, it would be awesome just to say hi if you got the time!
Hope you'll enjoy your time with your danish friends :D

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