22 Jul 2017

Hey! Look what I found!
An old "OMNIA PAGAN CLAN" button!
Anybody still Remember the "PaganClan"? (Let me explain)
There used to be semi-organised tribes of Omnia fans (worldwide) who grouped together to do cool Pagan and Nature-oriented things together...
We danced and sang together...
demonstrated together...
volunteered at non profit festivals together...
we "prayed" together...
We dreamed of a better world together...

All these lovely people were supervised with the help of our sweet Tribe mothers:
my good friends Ju , Maja and Monique.
(This is BEFORE "social media" so it was A LOT of work!)
Remember our dream?

When it started getting too big,
I got worried by the responsibility for so many others and stopped putting guidance into it and disbanded the organised part of the Clan, because I never wanted to be a leader in this way.
(I'm just a Heyoka / shamanic fool who wanted people to find their own way to be themselves)

Many did find their own way, starting paganfolk bands, making new festivals,forming Nature groups ,finding likeminded friends to share their path (and I am REALLY proud of them all)

Now my question to YOU is:
Are YOU who is reading this little late night remembrance post, right now an old PaganClan member?

Are there any of YOU still out there?

Greenz and questionmarks
Shaman SteveSic