Pagan Earth Folk in the New Year!!!

3 Jan 2014

Well... here we are... the Yule/NewYear madness is over...

the Hang is over... (yes it's a pun)
and I'm blogging again...
I missed a day and I almost felt guilty you know... As if you'd be disappointed after checking our webpages to find ...nothing...
sometimes I wonder if I'm not blogging too much? (do you really want to read my thoughts every fecking day?) anyway... wondering aside... 
It's a new Year of GIGS coming up! all over the place! Yeah! and sometime this spring we'll release our new CD "Earth Warrior"! Yo! ...and Hoka Hey!

There are still loads of festivals and venues being confirmed in the coming months... some new locations like "Wacken" (DE)... and ofcourse many old and trusted freak festivals like the Extremely enjoyable"Festival Mediaval" in Selb (Germany) run by our old and dear friend Blacky!  (september the 13th 2014)
We've been playing the main stage on Mediaval since the very first year they started 6 years ago (going on for year 7 now)!!
GODS!! I'm looking forward to hitting the stages of Europe and the US again! Bringing the Pagan sound of OMNIA's Earth Folk out there to YOU!!
Together... old friends and new friends... we'll fight for our Earth and our Nature!

Greenthingz on Musickal Earth warrior wingz!
Shaman SteveSic