Pagan Freaks in the Sun!

31 Jul 2013
Pagan Freaks in the Sun!

This is what a Pagan Summer looks like in the USA! this picture was taken on the Sunday of the Faerieworldsfestival at the end of our very special OMNIA-Poetree show!

We already miss all the Friendship and Fun, Musick and Madness, Peace and Politics… BUT The OMNIA world summer-festival tour continues!  Now we have one more day to get rid of our jet-lag and freshen up to Rock the stage at Castlefest coming friday!!… we'll be playing roughly the same (very special) concert  we played on this picture in Oregon , (which includes  some of the softer OMNIA songs that we never play normally at big festivals)… so if you want something special:

come one, come all!… to the teeny tiny village stage at Castlefest and we'll all come together (sic)

Greenthingz on Pagan Faerywingz!!!

XXX OMNIA   (picture by Byron)