Pagans of the Carribean

6 Mar 2017

I would like to give you a small impression of Stenny's trip to the Nature island of Waitukubuli
(aka: "Dominica")
So I thought it might be nice to show you some places and some people that we met while we were there ... people and places that made a big impression on us.
One of the greatest things about travelling is that you get to meet with special souls towards whom you feel a spiritual attraction (like YOU and US)

Like my friend "Toto" (Nearly all Dominicans have a nick-name they use instead of their "regular" tax-number name)

Toto is the same age as me (but not a grey hair in sight!) and lives on the edge of the coastal village of Calibishi ...
He usually only wears an old pair of shorts , and he carries a huge machete around with him to most places as a "practical fashion accessory"

 Toto has no steady job, He has no Car,.He has a comfortable and clean shack he sleeps in, but spends most of his life outside... (It's nearly always great weather there)

 He lives off fruit and vegetables that he gathers around his house and in the jungle supplemented by fresh Agouti and Manicou Meat that he hunts in the jungle and ofcourse lots of fish and shellfish that he catches himself or that he get's off friends who have a fishingboat (a small 10 foot open boat with two fishing guys on board). When he needs cash he will do odd jobs for his friends and neighbours to earn a few EC (East Carribean Dollars).

When he's hungry , he eats...
When he's tired, he sleeps...
When he's bored, he looks at the birds (Pelicans, Frigate birds, Tremblers, Small fast Heron, Tropic finches etc.)
He smokes the good weed and partakes of a little Rum from time to time

He doesn't work out, but he's one of the fittest guys I've ever met
He doesn't have a smart-phone, (but he's smarter than most people who do)
He doesn't go to church, but he's deeply religious about the Sacred Earth and the Rasta version of Jah

He almost died a couple of times when the hurricanes hit the island (but many of the Islanders we met share these life-changing Dramatic nature moments)

He's just a guy, like you and like me, one more in the greater family of Children of the Earth.

We are all brothers and sisters divided by geography , united by  Life...

One Love!

Shaman SteveSic  and Toto the "NatureMan"