Photograph the Photographers!!

11 Sep 2017

The 10 year anniversary of the most awesome Festival-MediavalRocked! 10 years of sheer fun and joy for us!
(and they even gave us a 100% ecological OMNIA cake!)

This is us with the chief organiser (Blaecky) and the entire Photo-crew who bring you the beautiful pictures each year of all the great shows and people at one of ABSOLUTE favourite festivals (hey guys!). 
We all shared the vibe together, audience, bands, crews, orga, marketstands, catering, security…all big smiles, all good feelings!!

We really enjoyed staying here the whole week in this beautiful countryside and then rocking out on the main stage (as we do each year) We also saw and heard many many great musicians and freaks doing their stuff (the highlights for us were definitely, the wonderful Dikanda, our old friends of FAUN, our new friends of Waldkauz, Kelvin Kalvus (of course!!) and the extremely weird Pampatut ;-) ) and many many more… we’re still floating on cloud of happy now and chilling one more day in our “holiday farm”

tomorrow we drive back home…

Next year we’ll come back and do it AGAIN!!
You gonna be there??


Picture by our friend Herman from