Pictures of Castlefest 2013

26 Aug 2013
Pictures of Castlefest 2013

(thank you dear audience!!!...we do this for YOU!!)

There are a whole bunch of new pictures in our Gallery of OMNIA and all our loyal Friends and Fans taken at Castlefest 2013!!

Because soooo many of you had asked to see more OMNIA shows on Castlefest, they agreed to let OMNIA play two shows instead of 1 this year...BUT... only if we agreed to play the "small" village stage aswell ... ofcourse we said YES!!! (nobody can keep us away from YOU!) ... Well that was interesting and weird! ... after 9 years of playing only the mainstage suddenly having to play the small one... and what we got was the absolute record for "how many people can you sqeeze into one tiny field"!!  which was funny, but also a little Sad because loads of people couldn't see the OMNIA show as there simply wasn't enough room to stand anymore. and quite a few kids got stuck in the crush etc. The whole flow of people came to a standstill around the OMNIA stage  on friday (isolating a part of the festival area, because nobody could move in or out of it anymore! ... SO on behalf of OMNIA...  sorry for all of you who got crushed or who wanted to be there but who couldn't find a spot to see/hear us , better luck next year! 

On the Sunday we had the largest crowd I've ever seen during the last show of Castlefest which was heartwarming to experience! Even though so many of YOU had to leave earlier because of public transport , long journeys home etc.there was still a MASSIVE crowd to hear us play our "PaganFolkMusick ritual" at the finish of this festival!, which was a very special feeling indeed! Thank you Thank you Thank YOU!!! ... I'm really really sorry that not all of you got the chance to get a signature or to have a talk with us after the show, because security started to push people off the festival area while we were still in the middle of our "signing session" ... I hope nobody was too dissappointed and (if so) we will try to make it up to you at one of the many other really cool festivals that we play at this year Or at the theatres we will be playing this winter! (see agenda)  

Anyway... check out the gallery for some impressions of this Years wonderfull gathering of friends,fans and Pagan tribes from Belgium, Spain, Czech, USA, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, Bretagne, Cornwall, Italy, South America etc etc the OMNIA shows at Castlefest 2013!

We had a GREAT time and we have YOU to thank for it!!

Stay real, stay true and we'll always love YOU!!



pictures taken by our dear friend Erwin.. (he's the guy who's company makes all our beautiful and very professional video productions).. hey! it's his birthday today!