Please allow me to introduce ourselves :-)

18 Jun 2017


The OMNIA "live-band" (this happy band of weirdos) is a lot more than what you see on the stage!
An OMNIA live show would not be possible without our whole great team 
working together as one unit.

Did you know for instance that the longest non-stop OMNIA member is actually Sascha (our chief technician) who's been working with Jenny and me since 2010!

Here... let me introduce everyone to you that was "in OMNIA" this weekend:

(Left to right ,starting at the back) 
Rob: Drummer joined Omnia in august 2011 and now also Omnia tourmanager since may 2017
(He's a brave man!)

Thomas:  Roadie! (a REAL one!) Joined Omnia in march 2013 

Sascha: Chief soundtechnician FOH ,Gaffa tape art-master,
joined Omnia in april 2010

Tony: (aka: "the light pony" aka: "bannerboy" ;-), lighttechnician  ,joined Omnia in februari 2016

Maral: joined Omnia as merchbabe in 2010 , then she became the Omnia backing singer /stage dancer untill late 2011
She returned in her new role as
PR assistent /propaganda minister since may 2017

Chloe: joined Omnia as merchbabe waaay back in august 2009 and worked merch and webshop untill august 2014 ,when she had to stop because of other work :-(
(Now she's a great musician herself but happily she still comes back to join us from time to time!... for fun!)

Jenny: joined Omnia as a professional Jenny in 2002 ;-)

(Front row, Left to right:)

Vita (Rob's lovely girlfriend ;-): she joined Omnia as merchbabe / webshop manager in januari 2017

Daphyd: he was actually one of our "merchbabes" somewhere in 2007 (he did just one job for us... he was terrible at it and was instantly "fired" again  after the festival ;-)
He's been the Didge player in Omnia since march 2011,  and our webmaster since 2017

SteveSic: "joined Omnia" in 1996
I do fuck-all actually... I just blog.
The dude you see on the stage is a stand in, an (almost) human-shaped drone that I control by remote...


Time flies
people come and go
Festivals come and go
But Nature is timeless and 
the MUSICK lives on...

Stay Green and bring Peace!
The ever moving OMNIA family

Pic by SteveSic
That's why I'm the only one not looking into the camera...
I'm looking at the photo-screen on the phone...
What a fucking amateur...